Editing sucks! / Editing’s great!

I am of two minds on this topic, obvy. Let's call it a journey, shall we? You can't develop much of a writing career if all you do is write. And let's face it - writing is the fun part and editing, as stated above, sucks. At least that's how I view it right now.... Continue Reading →


Have You Heard My Voice?

You may not know this about me. I'm a trained singer and actor. Those skills have found their place in podcasting, where I not only help host a podcast, but also narrate audio fiction. And here you thought I was just another pretty face! Recently, one of my narrations went live at the Kaleidocast podcast, where... Continue Reading →

My Convention Schedule for 2015

Ah, conventions. Where writers let their hair down, and occasionally get their nails painted. They also meet other writers, and readers, and fans. And agents and editors and publishers. And generally really cool people. It's like a vacation, where you go to school with like-minded people. For a social person with a solitary hobby, it's... Continue Reading →

Bored and Brilliant

Under what conditions does creativity thrive? That's a question that has been asked by most people engaged in a creative activity, particularly if they've gone through a slump. There's a theory that creativity happens in the blank spaces, when your mind has nothing else to do. When you mind "wanders," it's really keeping itself occupied,... Continue Reading →

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