Make sustainable creativity a part of a more balanced life

Creativity. What is it? Where does it come from? How can you make sure it’s there when you need it?

I want to help you make sustainable creativity your essential partner for a more fulfilling life by sharing insights, clues, and tools anyone can use.

Join me as I explore all things creative in a quest to approach every moment with curiosity. Creativity is a source of excitement and energy, and we all want more of that, don’t we?

Follow along as I reveal what I’m learning, and share how these insights are impacting your life!

Recent blog posts

  • Why You Should Have A Midlife Crisis RIGHT NOW

    What are some of the characteristic behaviors of a midlife crisis? Quitting your job without any plan for what’s next? Check. Going on a flurry of trips after realizing how much of the world you haven’t yet seen? Check. Embarking on projects you’ve always wanted before it’s too late? Check and check. Consider this my……

  • Creating a Personal Mission Statement

    The last few months have been filled with some rather radical changes. I quit my job, took some much-needed time off, and used that time to refresh, recharge, and refocus. My new focus, as you can see from the update to this website (and others) is sustainable creativity. This deceptively simple phrase gives me an……

  • Who Gets to Live in the City of the Future?

    We’ve got a wicked view from our balcony. It was the reason we chose this apartment when we moved here in 2007. It would be an understatement to say the New York City has changed since then. So I figured I’d give you a look! Movies love to portray the future, if it’s not a……

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Make sustainable creativity an essential partner for a more fulfilling life with insights, clues, and tools anyone can use


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