My philosophy of creativity is this:

Creativity is not a mysterious energy that some people can channel and others cannot. Creativity contains the word “create” for a reason. The act of creation is, ideally, an act of joy, whether it’s cooking, crafting, writing, performing or gardening. Inviting creativity into your life as not just a visitor but a permanent resident, friend, and soulmate brings variety, adventure, balance, and satisfaction to the everyday. When you find others who share your creative interests, it is an avenue to community as well. It provides a source of energy, something to look forward to. Creativity can infuse everything you do, giving you a fresh outlook on the everyday.

My creative pursuits include the work I do in my profession as a pharmaceutical copywriter, my speculative fiction writing (fantasy and science fiction), performing as a singer (cabaret and karaoke), and an impulsive urge to dance any time I hear a beat. I love to explore new creative outlets, and over time I’ve enjoyed candle making, papermaking, creating leather masks, jewelry, and drawing. I’m a voracious reader, insatiably curious, enjoy travel, nature, exercise, and LEGO. POV videos from rollercoasters can send me down a YouTube rabbit hole for hours.

I’m a long-time resident of Brooklyn, NY with my husband Michael. I am the founder and an organizer of the Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers.

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