Looking into open windows.

This is my very first blog entry, so I thought I’d answer a couple of questions.

Why Bradzooks!:

‘Cause it’s cute, that’s why. And fun. And quirky. Just like me! <ting!> (That’s the sound of that little sparkle of light gleaming off your teeth.)

Seriously. Coming up with a name for my blog was starting to turn into an epic quest of man vs. himself. Remember high school English class? Yeah. That much angst and soul-searching. It had to be general, since I didn’t want to get reigned into blogging about one thing. But it had to reflect the many facets of me — my restless energy, curiosity, fun, quirks, varied interests and many activities.

I spent weeks brainstorming. Can’t Sit Still? Taken. Perpetual Flux? Too pretentious. Parks and Revelation? Too goofy. Then I realized I already had the perfect name in my gmail address. And it was available as a .com!

Why Blog:

Why indeed? Why does anyone blog? And why do I read the blogs of others? Most of the blogers I read are authors, partly for the writing insights, and partly for glimpses into their personal lives. Call me a voyeur, if you must, but who doesn’t like looking in windows?

I would hardly consider myself an expert at writing, or performing, or theater, or any of the many many interests I indulge in on a nearly daily basis. However, put them all together, and there’s something interesting in all my many modes of self expression.

Something about blogging fits with my constant striving to be seen and heard. It’s what anyone who blogs ultimately wants. It’s yet another outlet for my drive to share and entertain.

I’m opening the window to my artistic and otherwise crazy life. Come take a look inside!

2 thoughts on “Looking into open windows.

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  1. Thanks for subscribing me. And now, I’m eagerly awaiting your next post.


    On pins and needles.

    What’s that smartphone good for if you can’t use it to blog?

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