Podcasts for writers (and genre story lovers).

I’m a huge fan of podcasts. It’s the new frontier for geeks like me who published fanzines when that became cheap and easy(ish) with the advent of computers. But wait, I’m dating myself! Whoops!

I love what’s happening in audio fiction. The only possible way I can keep up with what’s new and good in genre fiction is to listen to it while I’m walking or waiting for trains (the actual train ride is when I write). Fortunately, there’s more quality content out there than I can absorb in a lifetime. Here are the highlights.

Look these up on iTunes (which is how I keep up) or visit the podcast’s home page.

Interviews and advice on writing:

I Should Be Writing
Host(ess) Mur Lafferty is not just a great host, but a really good writer! See link to her fiction below.

Dragon Page Cover To Cover
Great, very personable hosts, with industry news and trends, plus great interviews.

Adventures in SciFi Publishing
Some of the best interviews of any podcast. Plus book reviews and articles.

Writing Excuses
Fun and useful advice in 15 minute doses from writing professionals.

Grammar Girl
The subtitle says it all: “Quick and dirty tips for better writing.” With a charming host. Great for the grammar geek like me!

This one bridges the categories. Great interviews, fiction and fascinating fact articles. And it just won the Hugo award for best fanzine!

Genre fiction podcasts:

Escape Pod
All science fiction and nothing but science fiction. The best stories read aloud each week. And a bonus Hugo nominee series each year!

One fantastic fantasy story read aloud each week.

The Drabblecast
The production values on this podcast are through the roof! Norm Sherman has impressed me with both his droll narrator’s voice and his fantastic writing style. Plus, somehow he’s managed to create a podcast with it’s own soundtrack! The music goes a long way to set the tone.

Beware The Hairy Mango
Super short fiction by the super-insane Matthew Sanborn Smith. I love his style (both writing and narrative) and sense of humor.

The Leviathan Chronicles
Mind bogglingly good, full-on, high octane radio drama, with a talented cast and incredible sound effects, not to mention a riveting story. I can’t recommend highly enough.

The Secret World Chronicle
Action-packed super hero series written by Mercedes Lackey and Steve Libbey.

Playing For Keeps
What can I say? I love super powers! And Mur has her own take, with really good characters whose abilities don’t quite pass the muster for sanctioned superherodom, plus an interesting and entertaining plot.

So, who else digs free quality audio content? Tell me what sets your ears on fire!

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