A Very Writerly Holiday To Me…and You!

The company I work for closes between Christmas and New Years, so I plan to use the time to write.

I’ve been flailing a bit lately, suffering from an excess of ideas, pulling me in so many directions at once that I can hardly focus on one project long enough to write a sentence. Hopefully, I can solve that by devoting pretty much every free moment over the next 10 days to writing, writing and more writing.

Part of my difficulty is the fact that almost every idea that strikes me quickly morphs far past short story territory into novellas and novels. That’s a lot of writing I have to do to clear my head, and my solution lately is to play solitaire on my iPhone while I listen to podcasts with titles like “Writing Excuses” and “I Should Be Writing.”


So this Christmas, I’m giving myself a gift. Or two. Or three. A bit of meditation to give the voices in my head a few moments of rest. Then fingers on the keys until they cramp!

Happy holidays to everyone out there. Here’s to a productive and fulfilling new year!

Lots of love,


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