Caffeine-free Creativity?!?

I’ve had stomach issues for most of my life, which has required me to let go of caffeine more than once for an extended period. I haven’t had to do it for a while, and found this latest bout to be the hardest to accept.

Late in 2011, I was finding that I could no longer drink coffee without becoming nauseated.

First, let me describe my relationship with coffee, particularly where it intersects with creativity in my life.

All of my most prolific periods of writing have involved coffee shops. Something about the isolation of writing is alleviated for me if I take the activity public. Sitting among random humanity, rather than being a distraction, is more of a comfort.

Therefore, I’ve done a lot of writing in coffeehouses. And drank a lot of bottomless cups of coffee. The buzz from caffeine has literally become equated with the urge to write. That is, until my stomach started acting up again. Now the drug hits my system along with an urge to vomit. A less than creative situation.

So now I’m tasked with cultivating a creative drive that is not fueled by mocha mojo.

Who out there cares to share with me their decaffeinated muse-bait?

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