No, not really. I’m not a Resolutionary kind of guy. I certainly don’t follow an annualized goal-setting calendar. Rather, I go through motivational peaks and valleys. I happen to be cresting as the year transitions, and I intend to make this momentum last.

So, what’s got my gears spinning these days?


I’m on a tear, writing almost every day, using an app on my phone called WriteChain to track my success rate. So far this year I’ve written almost 8,000 words! That may be better than I did all of last year. Not really. But still, an epic January so far.

But that’s only half of the equation. My next un-resolution is to conquer my Editophobia. It’s either that, or my addiction to the new. It’s way more fun to write new stuff than to go back and get the older stuff ready to send out. The problem with that is nothing gets sent out. Or published. Or seen by anyone but my writing group. Epic fail.

Diet and exercise

I was doing so well on Weight Watchers, getting ready to fit into my very slim-fitting suit for my last Uptown Express show. Then I went off the rails in the process of getting ready to start a new plan. But now I’m back! Kicking off a new exercise program with a liver and colon cleanse, then starting full-on into the TNT Diet, a program from Men’s Health, that seems much more in line with my goal: to turn fat into muscle. I’ll let you know how it goes. But if it works, it will solve so many problems, like being aware of my extra weight when I take a relaxed breath to sing. Or getting into my pants.

Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers

The group that will not stop until every fan of speculative fiction knows who we are! January is the month when we started a second novel critique group because one was no longer enough to handle all the novels. It’s the month when we started a book discussion group with an interesting twist: to critique books the way we critique stories, with an eye on learning how professionals deal with aspects of the craft of writing. It’s the month we announced another book launch for this February 7. And there are plenty more plans where those came from. We are barreling toward glory! Look out!

I’ll post more un-resolution updates as they come up. Because un-resolutions don’t have to wait until the changing of the year to start. Change happens all year long, if you grab the opportunities that present themselves.

Keep changing!

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