Readercon, here I come!

I love Readercon. And this year, I NEED Readercon.

I need a big kick in the pants to get my writing back on track. I got so busy with work and getting ready for a (fabulously successful!) Uptown Express show that I basically took a month off of writing. I didn’t even get as much editing done during that time as I had wanted.

After the latest Uptown Express show, with two nights of nearly full houses, I kind of fell into a tailspin. Granted, life is nothing like singing and dancing on a New York stage, but no matter how much you try to hold on to your perspective, real life can be a bit of a let-down after a successful show.

So, Readercon. A literary convention for writers and fans of speculative literature. An orgy of geekdom,  where you can just go wallow in the discussions of literature I can have almost no where else aside from my writing group. Try talking about issues of race in fantasy fiction anywhere in your everyday life. I dare you. You’ll get blank looks, at best.

Each July I look forward to the opportunity to wallow in the subjects I like best. For four days, July 11-14, I will be immersed in one of my favorite communities; people who enhance their realities with tales of fantastic futures and magical otherworlds.

Plus, I hope it will kick-start my own efforts to build worlds people will enjoy escaping to for a time. Wish me luck!

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