A Website Overhaul – And a Story Publication Date

Squarespace to the rescue! Sorta. I’m still working the bugs out. But Squarespace has some beautiful templates, and my new site looks pretty snazzy. I needed it to be done before several things happen:

My first professionally published story will appear on BuzzyMag.com on October 10. It’s been a long time coming! They’re a great publication to work with. They even sent me a hand-written thank you note, telling me how excited they are to publish my story!

My first audio narration will appear in the next week or so on the StarShipSofa podcast. It’s a Hugo-award winning science fiction audio magazine and my story is in memory of Jay Lake, who passed away June 1 after a long illness. The story is amazing, and Jay’s loss is terrible.

Kaleidocast, the podcast project from the Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers, will launch (eventually), and I am one of the hosts, I’ve contributed a story, and done an audio narration of a Rick Bowes story.

Plus, Readercon is in July, so I’m getting new business cards with the new pen name and website on them, for all that networking blah-dee-blah.

So, lots of big news! Stay tuned, and check out BuzzyMag for lots of speculative news and fantastic fiction.

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