Today is the Day!

Goal accomplished! One story, published, at professional rates. The first of three I will need to publish in order to qualify to join the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Or I can join right away if I get a book published by a qualifying publisher.

But meanwhile, go! Read! Enjoy!

It's real! My first published story! My words, out in the world!
It’s real! My first published story! My words, out in the world!

Level up! How many experience points for professional publication? Surely I’m a Level 2 writer by now. Maybe Level 3!

Today is the first of many milestones I have yet to achieve. Two more stories to join SFWA. Then, joining SFWA. Getting an agent. Then getting a book published. Getting a contract for multiple books from a major publisher. Getting a new tattoo to commemorate any of the above. Etc. Etc. Etc.

It’s a lifetime of achievements I look forward to making. But meanwhile, I will relish today.

And annoy the crap out of anyone who will listen.

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