My Convention Schedule for 2015

Ah, conventions. Where writers let their hair down, and occasionally get their nails painted.

Got mah nails done at Readercon 2014! Swell party, swell folks.
Got mah nails done at Readercon 2014! Swell party, swell folks.

They also meet other writers, and readers, and fans. And agents and editors and publishers. And generally really cool people. It’s like a vacation, where you go to school with like-minded people. For a social person with a solitary hobby, it’s like heaven. The two places I get that are my writing group, the Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers, and conventions. Of the two, conventions are where you network, and actually meet some of those people whose blogs you’ve been following, podcasts you’ve been listening to and books you’ve been writing.

As I further my presence as a writer, I find conventions more and more essential. I just added a page to my website with a calendar of conventions. So if you want to know where I’ll be, perchance to meet, this is the place to find out.

But in short, I’ll be doing the following cons for sure:

Flame Con, New York’s first LGBTQ comics expo, Saturday, June 13

Readercon, in Burlington, MA, July 9-12

World Fantasy Convention, Sarasota Springs, NY, November 5-8

Plus, I was thinking about adding one of two workshops: either Gen Con Writer’s Symposium or Pikes Peak Writers Conference. Anyone out there have experience with either of these workshops that they’d like to share with me? The only advantage Pikes Peak has is that my family lives there and I wouldn’t have to pay for a hotel room. Other than that, I’m open.

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