​ I Have A New Story In The World! And A Podcast To Go With It

My story “The Path That Splits the Oak Asunder” is live as part of the Kaleidocast podcast. Listen to the story here, then go to the website to find out more about the podcast. My story is in Episode 3.
You can listen to the podcast at the website, on Soundcloud, or on iTunes. If you like the podcast, there are 6 other episodes to listen to. Please subscribe, and rate us on iTunes.
The goal of this project is to share the extreme talent of the Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers alongside other excellent writers. It’s all nested inside a fractured other-Brooklyn I hope you enjoy exploring alongside the characters we’ve created to guide you along the way.
In future blog posts, I’ll share the long and winding road that led from “I love podcasts, so I should make a podcast” to the Kaleidocast, a very real and very cool thing in the world.
Hope you enjoy!

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