The Method Behind My Madness – Tomato!

I, like many others in this technology-drenched era, have had to adapt to a shrinking attention span. The ease and programmed addictiveness of modern distractions have made it nearly impossible to construct a full sentence before I go running in a completely different direction.

I have short-cuts and cheats that help me focus: ambient noise, music, writing in coffeehouses, etc. But the best tool I’ve found for conquering distractivitis is the Pomodoro Method.
It means “tomato.” Don’t ask me why.
The method is pretty simple:
  • Work 25 minutes, take a 5 minute break. That’s 1 Pomodoro.
    • During your break, get up. Move around. Stretch. Replenish your beverage.
  • Every 4 “Pomodoros,” take a 20-30 minute break.
The key to success of this method for me is an enforced period of concentration on a single task. Key word – single.
If you’re gonna make a day of it, you list out all the things you want to get done, figure out how many Pomodoros each task will require, and get to work. Then you get the satisfaction of checking things off your list, which the Type-A side of my personality finds deeply gratifying.
Especially gratifying is the fact that I can get my daily writing goal of 250 words done in a single pomodoro! But why stop there?
A quick search in the app store of your choice will turn up some swell, basic pomodoro timers.
The Isochronic Pomodoro Timers on YouTube are a treat, incorporating soothing sound effects (rainstorm, waves, etc.) with an Isochronic tone that is supposed to heighten concentration. Give them a try.
C’mon-a wanna Pom-a with me?

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