On Being Intimidated by Other Writers

These are some of the stories I’ve encountered lately that make me question whether or not I’m a good writer or have anything to say that merits the attention:

Dust, by Daniel Jose Older (from the anthology Sunvault: Stories of Solarpunk and Ecospeculation)

Intimidation factor: Science fiction that reads like fantasy, with a gritty realness that I love about Daniel’s writing and inventiveness that I just plain envy.

The Faery Handbag, by Kelly Link (as heard on Selected Shorts podcast)

Intimidation factor: Fabulous first-person voice, charming and inventive story that makes a wonderfully subtle shift from (spoilers!) “is this really happening?” to “oh, yes, this is definitely really happening.” Perfect ending.

The Uncarved Heart, by Evan Dicken (from issue #212 of Beneath Ceaseless Skies Online Magazine)

Intimidation factor: An emotional story about coming of age and making difficult decisions. Told in a setting that is endlessly surprising. Each moment brings a element of invention that I wish I could achieve.

Are there works that intimidate you when you’re trying to create your art? Tell me about them! Let’s face down our crazy-talented demons together!

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