2017 – The Year in Writing

I know, it’s not over yet. But like many, I feel the urge to cash in on this year and focus on the next. This thing we call 2017 was disappointing in so many ways, horrifying in so many others.

So, did anything good happen?

Well, yes. I left one disappointment of a job and got a much better one. While that’s not exactly a writing goal, Associate Creative Director does have a nice ring to it. The psychological benefits are off the charts.

A boost of validation. Satisfaction in one area of my life that bleeds over into all the others. Though it takes up a lot of my time and energy sometimes, it’s gratifying all the same.

Some things I wanted to accomplish this year (but didn’t):

  • 100,000 words written (got close to 40,000)
  • Win NaNoWriMo with 50,000 words (November was crazy at work! Wrote 8,700)
  • Finish editing my YA novel
  • Publish a short story

Well, hey, that doesn’t mean that 2018 can’t be everything that 2017 wasn’t! I’ve figured out why most of that stuff that didn’t happen didn’t happen. Mostly, it’s about editing. And goals with real deadlines. But we’ll get into that in January, and my plans for the year.

Let’s all have a better 2018! Whaddaya say? Are you in?

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