Writing Goals for 2021

Remember when I told you what a hardcore procrastinator I discovered myself to be? Well, this year I am determined to overcome my natural inclination by REEVALUATING and REVISING my work and what writing means to me.

For so many of us, 2020 was a year that shook us to the core. What I saw in myself as the dust settled was someone who had let a lot of apparent priorities get in the way of what I’ve always wanted. Writing has always been my quiet obsession, but I’ve allowed myself to be detoured by fears and insecurities until I could no longer tell where or who I was anymore.

Whatever else I accomplish this year, what comes first is the writing. This year I strive to:

  • Revise a whole stack of stories, those that have been critiqued by my writing group and then ignored, and the ones that have been rejected (a lot) but can be improved based on how much more I know now
  • Write a new story each month (though I’ve already missed January)
  • Blog at least once a month
  • Revise my young-adult fantasy novel, with feedback from my critique group, to the point where I can start querying potential agents
  • Get back to writing my adult fantasy novel
  • Take myself on at least one writing retreat, maybe even two
  • Work to get better as a writer (this one sounds strange, but there’s a difference between just writing, and writing with the intent of improving)
As seen outside my window on a Monday

Through it all, I’m being patient with myself, knowing there will be setbacks, rejections, days I won’t feel like writing, and days where I get all judgy with myself for all the time I’ve wasted.

Don’t we all feel like that sometimes? Tell me, what creative or enjoyable pursuits have you denied yourself? Give yourself permission and space to play today!

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