Creating a Personal Mission Statement

Where will a mission statement take you?

The last few months have been filled with some rather radical changes. I quit my job, took some much-needed time off, and used that time to refresh, recharge, and refocus.

My new focus, as you can see from the update to this website (and others) is sustainable creativity. This deceptively simple phrase gives me an umbrella that everything I do can live under, including work, personal projects, and even my relaxation activities.

What bundles it all together is a personal mission statement:

I want to help make sustainable creativity an essential partner for a more fulfilling life by sharing insights, clues, and tools anyone can use.

Living by this statement allows me to focus on only the activities that support a more creative life for myself and others. It helps me decide what to say yes to, and what to politely decline. Because as we know, every yes in life is made possible by a host of no’s, every path chosen is a multitude of paths denied. 

I looked at a number of interesting and useful templates that prompted me to take a close look at who I am and what drives me, what I want to accomplish, and what I want to give to the world.

The result is an alignment of all my efforts toward this goal, with the side-effect of less stress as I set aside projects that don’t fit with my new strategy.

Do this: If you want to take a stab at crafting your own personal mission statement, start with these templates:

The Five-Step Plan for Creating Personal Mission Statements

by Randall Hansen

How To Write a Personal Mission Statement (40 Examples)

by Jennifer Herrity

Create a personal vision statement and change your life

by Giulia Imbastoni

Let me know if you give it a go, and how it works for you!

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