Creativity and Physical Health

I dislike the term "writers block." I think it's an overused generalization that can cover up a lot of underlying causes. It can be a fear-based procrastination attempt, a hint at a fear of failure (or even success) lurking beneath the surface. It can be a clue that someone isn't cut out to be a... Continue Reading →

Today is the Day!

Goal accomplished! One story, published, at professional rates. The first of three I will need to publish in order to qualify to join the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Or I can join right away if I get a book published by a qualifying publisher. But meanwhile, go! Read! Enjoy! Level up! How... Continue Reading →

A Sense of Perspective

Other beginning writers a frustrated creative people, I'm talking to you. There comes a point where too much perspective is a bad thing. I just read a Facebook post from a fellow writer swooning with excitement over having a story accepted by a magazine from which I recently received a (cold, impersonal, form) rejection. This... Continue Reading →

What Comes Up, Must Go Down

On the page, that is. When inspiration sneaks up on one, one mustn't question it, regardless of what irrational requests it makes of one. So, after my fallow time, the project that wants to be written is not the one I thought would tap me on the shoulder. Back in the dark ages, the third... Continue Reading →

A Very Readerconnish Recap

For those of you who don't know, Readercon (which took place July 10-13 in Burlington, MA) is the only convention devoted to speculative fiction that is focused exclusively on literature. Other cons with their glitzy multimedia focuses are fun, but for a writer, nothing beats the bookish and brilliant crowd that gathers at Readercon. So... Continue Reading →

Stories So Beautiful They Make Me Cry

I love speculative fiction.As I start to get published, I'm more inspired and motivated than ever.And then I run across stories like these. Stories that just make me ache with longing with their melodious language, that touch me with longing to tell tales that make me care as much as I did when I read... Continue Reading →

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