A Very Readerconnish Recap

For those of you who don't know, Readercon (which took place July 10-13 in Burlington, MA) is the only convention devoted to speculative fiction that is focused exclusively on literature. Other cons with their glitzy multimedia focuses are fun, but for a writer, nothing beats the bookish and brilliant crowd that gathers at Readercon. So... Continue Reading →

Stories So Beautiful They Make Me Cry

I love speculative fiction.As I start to get published, I'm more inspired and motivated than ever.And then I run across stories like these. Stories that just make me ache with longing with their melodious language, that touch me with longing to tell tales that make me care as much as I did when I read... Continue Reading →

This Game Changer is a Name Changer

I'm thrilled to announce that I have signed a contract on one of my short stories. Yes, it's my first professional sale!The actual publication of that story is some months away, so more on that as it develops. Call it professional superstition, but I don't want to jinx the deal before a word appears in... Continue Reading →

A Readercon Redux

Ahhh, Readercon. The many authors and experts. The endless variety of panels and readings. The bookshop that sets my head spinning with so many beautiful books. The over-abundance of air conditioning and under-abundance of dining options. For the aspiring author, it can feel a bit like high school. The authors are teachers, sharing their wisdom.... Continue Reading →

Readercon, here I come!

I love Readercon. And this year, I NEED Readercon.I need a big kick in the pants to get my writing back on track. I got so busy with work and getting ready for a (fabulously successful!) Uptown Express show that I basically took a month off of writing. I didn't even get as much editing... Continue Reading →

On the Right Track?

"If you want to publish short stories, definitely write short stories.... if you want to write novels, you should go ahead and write novels. Lots of people sell their first novel without a significant record of short stories." - James Enge, in an interview on the Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing podcast.Well, crap.If he's right, I've... Continue Reading →

How Many Revisions is Too Many?

Conventional writing wisdom says there's a time to stop tinkering and send your fiction babies out into the world. But conventional wisdom is withholding on when exactly that time is. So I'm taking advantage of the fact that I'm an unpublished writer. Let's consider this a case study in my evolving abilities as a fiction... Continue Reading →

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