No, not really. I'm not a Resolutionary kind of guy. I certainly don't follow an annualized goal-setting calendar. Rather, I go through motivational peaks and valleys. I happen to be cresting as the year transitions, and I intend to make this momentum last. So, what's got my gears spinning these days? Writing I'm on a... Continue Reading →

The problem with change.

Everyone says change is scary. “What’s so scary about change?” Brad asked himself rhetorically, then looked back at HIS ENTIRE LIFE and replied to himself, “Oh, shit!” Yeah. Change is scary. Even when you tell yourself it’s not. Even when the change seems so small. Case(s) in point: This weekend I had a terrible argument... Continue Reading →

Caffeine-free Creativity?!?

I've had stomach issues for most of my life, which has required me to let go of caffeine more than once for an extended period. I haven't had to do it for a while, and found this latest bout to be the hardest to accept. Late in 2011, I was finding that I could no... Continue Reading →

A Minor Superhero Obsession

I'm on a bit of a superhero bender right now. I just finished a fantastic short story collection called "Masked" from Gallery Books, published in July, 2010, edited by the amazing Lou Anders, who recently won a Hugo award (jealous!). My obsession with superheros isn't new, it dates back to the comic books I read... Continue Reading →

The Four-Project Plan

As long as I'm going to do too much at once, I might as well formalize it with a plan. First, let's take a step back. When I say "do too much at once," you know I'm being dramatic, right? What I'm referring to is my infamously short attention span, coupled with a fearsome mid-life-crisis-esque... Continue Reading →

Mental discipline.

How to keep your brain on one thing long enough to get a thing done. I imagine this is what ADD is like. I sit down to do something: read, write, compose an email, update the Uptown Express website, etc. And my brain pounces, suggesting a hundred other things that need to be done: groceries,... Continue Reading →

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