On Being Intimidated by Other Writers

These are some of the stories I've encountered lately that make me question whether or not I'm a good writer or have anything to say that merits the attention: Dust, by Daniel Jose Older (from the anthology Sunvault: Stories of Solarpunk and Ecospeculation) Intimidation factor: Science fiction that reads like fantasy, with a gritty realness... Continue Reading →

Whose Story Do I Get To Write?

This is a contentious topic both for me and for the literary community at large: whose stories do I get to tell? If the only stories I get to write are those of middle-aged white gay men of middling privilege, well, yawn! Who wants that career? Stores full of clones of myself? Granted, I'm a fascinating... Continue Reading →

Lunacon – Shenanigans!

Fans and folks, this coming weekend, April 7-9 in Tarrytown, NY, is Lunacon 2017, which is, according to the website, "the New York area's longest-running Science Fiction convention." Pretty cool, yes? And this year, the Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers will be there, doing it up right! We have a reading on Friday night as a... Continue Reading →

Slowly Coming Around

As convention season approaches (assuming there IS a convention season), I kick myself in the ass, as always, for not having more published stories out in the world. Alas, alack, and all that. I have only myself to blame. In particular, my allergy to editing, which I have written about a year ago. Well, time... Continue Reading →

Reading vs Listening

I'm a HUGE fan of audio literature. I define that term rather broadly to include both audiobooks and short story podcasts, as well as newer platforms like Serial Box, which is supporting longer-form storytelling by multiple authors. The advantage for me, as a New York City commuter, is multifold. Audio content helps me take advantage... Continue Reading →

The Method Behind My Madness – Tomato!

I, like many others in this technology-drenched era, have had to adapt to a shrinking attention span. The ease and programmed addictiveness of modern distractions have made it nearly impossible to construct a full sentence before I go running in a completely different direction. I have short-cuts and cheats that help me focus: ambient noise, music,... Continue Reading →

Have You Heard My Voice?

You may not know this about me. I'm a trained singer and actor. Those skills have found their place in podcasting, where I not only help host a podcast, but also narrate audio fiction. And here you thought I was just another pretty face! Recently, one of my narrations went live at the Kaleidocast podcast, where... Continue Reading →

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